Rabu, 18 Mei 2011

RV and Cupcakesss...

1- Liza Tmn Seri Orkid menempah

1 RV Cake (small) and 16pcs cuppies...

Terima kasih Liza..harap berpuashati

2-Nadhrah - 12pcs of RV cuppies

thanks dear..

3- Kak Isnalia menempah

12pcs cmc ganache with strawberry...

hate to say that it is not the season for korean strawberry yet,

have to wait another 3-4 weeks,

and for the time being I

have to get US strawberry for orders which need strawberries

which is larger and sour, furthermore not in a same size compare

to korean which is exactly almost the same size and sweet..
haha... just complaining to myself..

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